Ronhaldo's Journal


Feb/12 Hope

In "The Long Way Gone" Ishmael Baeh remember what his father told him when he was little and what he told Ishmael was that "If you are alive there is hope for better day and something goood to happen." This quote to me means that his father was trying to say that without hope you can be an alive person but you will be all depressed. In my opinion hope is the last thing that dies. In the same paragraph Ishmael state that his father said something else and it was "If there is nothing good left in teh destiny of a person he or she will die." For me that quote means that if God have something good to you he will keep you safe and alive although times are hard, he will not let you down and he will have something good for you in the future

Feb/15 How Ishmael Beah escaped death

In the novel A long Way Gone, Ishmael had been facing death troughout his adventure well is not an adventure but his way trying to escaped the war. Ishmael trying to escape from the rebels he face serious moments where he has to hide from the rebels, people don't trust him anymore, they think that he is part of the devils. Ishmael does not have any food to survive but his courage and desesparation makes try his best to get the fruits from the trees. Although sometimes he feels like he is rest and good to go, he is not emotionally good, he has a lot of thoughts that he wants to let out but he can't because he does not have anyone to talk to. In conclusion Ishmael Beah is escaping the death because of his courage and braveness.