It's March!

And we are off to a great start....

March Forth!

Many of you took part in March 4th! What a day it was. It was so fun to see many of you post to FB, change your profile pics, post pics of socials, and call your Senators! I am certain we moved the needle - we made people more aware!

I have never called my Senator's office before. I will tell you....I was nervous! I dialed the number and.....someone actually picked up the phone - no automated answering service! I spoke with an assistant to Al Franken (MN) and was pleasantly surprised how well he listened and how he told me he would pass on my concerns to my Senator.

Who do you know in Chicago?

Beautycounter is doing TWO events in Illinois next week......

Monday, March 16

Cafe Amano

116 E. Schiller Street

Elmhurst, IL

11:30 a.m. Sip, Sample and See

12:00 p.m. Meet Beautycounter

Monday, March 16

Public Hotel

1301 N. State Street

Chicago, IL

Join us in the Ava Room

6:30 p.m. ~ Cocktails & Conversation

7:00 p.m. ~ Meet Beautycounter

I will most likely be at BOTH events...please let me know if you are sending someone and I will greet her!

Just What To Say....

Do you struggle sometimes with just what to say about Beautycounter?

My friend, and BC Executive Director, Anna Vig, presented her "BC Primer" at our last Minnesota meeting. Her "BC Primer" is what she says to introduce Beautycounter at a social. She was kind enough to share her notes with us...and I think we can all learn from them! I encourage you to make notes of your own...put things in your own words...and really think about just what to say to introduce Beautycounter.

Here are her notes:

Thank the Hostess

Who I am

What is Beautycounter

What we are trying to accomplish

– education first & to try to get safe and effective products into the hands of everyone

Why we are passionate about this cause

(your why)

Last time a law was passed and length of the law

o 1938 and it is 1 ½ pages in length and supposed to regulate a 200 Billion $ cosmetics industry

Banned ingredients in US vs EU

Typically this is the last piece of the puzzle people will think about

o Food – we know

o Exercise – we know

o Products – so many do NOT know

Commonly people believe that they are “just using a little bit”

o On average people use 8-12 products a day, every day, 365 days a year

o 80% of ingredients in products have never been tested for safety

o there is no recall system on our products

o our bodies are smart – we “turn off” when exposed to larger quantities, but get confused over small amounts

Labeling issues with our current system

o Common offenders – never list

o Dirty words – fragrance, proprietary blend

Sourcing vs. Safety

o What is the difference

What can we do?

o When you know better you do better

o Be your own advocate

o Utilize the EWG

o Share what you learn

What are we trying to do at Beautycounter?

o Do the homework for you

o Create safe, effective products for EVERYONE

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I will be on vacation March 10th-15th

I will be "wheels up" early Tuesday morning for a little sun and relaxation for the rest of the week. Please contact my mentor Jen Schultz (612-804-4141 or with any questions while I am away.

Here's to a great March!

Hugs, Britta