The Gift of the Magi

Describe the main characters and find direct and indirect characterization

- " She had only $1.87 to spend on her husband" Indirect (they are poor)

-" So now Della's beautiful hair fell upon her" indirect (she has beautiful hair)

-"Jim was never late" direct (he was never late)

- Jim is a hard working man that only has his fathers watch as a valuable.

- Della is a housewife that has beautiful hair as her valuable possession

Discuss the tone the author uses throughout the piece and how it changes

sad because she can't get jim anything

debating she doesn't know if she should cut her hair off or not

happy she got jim something

Ironic they got something for each other for something they had and they sold those things

Interpret the symbols in the piece

selling their prized possessions to get the other something

when she cuts off her hair

when he sells his watch


the theme is sacrificial love

when each sells their prized possessions to get something for each other

Authors Justin, Chandler, Denise