Warren Extra Curricular Activities

Extra Extra Curricular Activities


If you want to be able to communicate with people around the world Spanish is the perfect class. Although learning a new language can be difficult, it also has many benefits. In the future knowing a different language can help you get a better job. Also, knowing Spanish can help you communicate with people on an advanced level. Communicating is very important that's why you should join Spanish.

Student Aids

A helping hand is something all teachers needs. Teachers do so many things: grade papers, create lesson plans, find assignments, and take care of kids. Being a student aid has it's perks. For one you are able go certain places, and you can do certain things most kids can't do. Being a student aid can also allow you to create bonds with your teachers. Being a student aid is great; however, there can be challenges. In order to be an aid you have to be flexible. If a teacher needs you, she really needs you. You might be hanging with friends or on your phone, but when that teacher needs something you have to stop what you are doing and lend a hand. If you try it you won't regret it.

Musical Theater

Have you ever pictured yourself on stage: dancing, singing, or acting? Well if you have musical theater is the perfect thing for you. Getting to pay homage to well known plays is almost as fun as doing it with your friends. You will get to be apart of an all-star team. One of the great things about musical theater is learning how to have great presence on stage. The one thing that may be an issue is if you have trouble learning lines quickly, but that doesn't mean they won't help you with that. So if you want to have fun singing, dancing and acting musical theater is the thing for you, so join the fun!


Is cheer a sport? You bet it is, not just a sport but a fun sport. It takes a lot of hard work, but having fun always is the greatest advantage. When you start cheer you can meet so many people. In addition to meeting new people you are also able to participate in more school and community activities. Most kids want special treatment, well being a cheerleader can get you that. Being a cheerleader is fun but it can take some expenses and time. Don't worry the money is all for good reasons. In order to be a cheerleader you need a lot of things including: poms, 2 uniforms, bows, jacket, shoes, tights, cheer camp, etc. Hope you try out in March.
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Participating in school sports is a great advantage. One of the main things athletics can help you with is getting in shape. Trust me the coaches will run you; nevertheless it's all for the best. Although at times you want to give up on the coaches, the coaches will never give up on you. They will push you until you can do no more, but that will help you in the future. Make sure you try out for any sport you want, you might find out you are good at a sport you have never played before. If you want to have fun and be competitive athletics is the thing for you!
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