Stress Happens to Everyone

Chandler Luzsicza and Taylor Patterson

Who is Stressed?


Dealt with many issues as a child with both of his parents being addicted to either drugs or alcohol. Downey says that he has clearly inherited these issues from his parents and his son has recently developed alcohol and drug issues himself. Downey now says that his son, Indio, has inherited his problems from his father, Robert Downey Jr.

What were his stressers?

  • Parental Addiction
  • Famous parents, both in the movie business
  • Over time, his own trip to fame

What so scientists say about these stressers?

As parents are stressed by their work, especially when famous, it can lead them to make bad decisions or simply just transfer their issues to their children. These kids can pick up on their parents pain and even be troubled by it themselves. When parents are so troubled that they start on drugs or alcohol, this can be easily transferred to their kids to lead them to even start on these addictive substances, like Robert Downey Jr.

How did he deal with his issues?

  • Yoga
  • Kung Fu
  • His Wife, Susan Levin
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