The Teddy Bear Picnic

Friday Week 3 Term 3

You're Invited

Since you're in grade 1- 3 lets get ready to party. You and your favourite teddy bear are both invited to the Annual Teddy Bear Picnic. Bring along $4 and get ready for an amazing time jam packed with games, face paint, and food. You even get a photo of the two of you and a bear!

The Teddy Bear Picnic

Friday, Aug. 2nd 2013 at 1pm

The Grass next to the Library

Whats going on?

On Friday's lunchtime the senior students who are going on the Cambodia trip later this year will be leading fun filled activities for grades 1 - 3. Faces will be painted and action packed games will be played. Entry Fee is $4 and foods such as teddy bear shaped sandwiches, cupcakes, and pancakes are all included. If there is bad weather the picnic will be held under B-Block.


The Teddy Bear Picnic will be raising funds to adopt as Asian bear with the 'Free the Bear' Organization. The Picnic will also be raising funds to help support the St Andrews Anglican College Cambodia Campaign Trip which is taking place this September.