There's something in my eye...

And I like it

Qualities That are a Must

  • Taller than me because I love wearing heels
  • Funny because I love love love laughing
  • Attractive (blue eyes are major brownie points!)
  • Money because I'm poor
  • Smart because I sometimes have blonde moments
  • Swishy hair
  • Allowing me to wear your clothes

Deal Breakers

  • Chewing with your mouth open
  • Stomping your feet loud enough that I can hear it from a mile away
  • When clothes smell like smoke or other drugs
  • When you wear too much of a bad cologne or wearing a shirt too often
  • When you wear clothes that are too small or out of your age group
  • Arguing with me on everything

My Dream Date

You pick me up from my house and we drive to the beach. We go to a cute little restaurant on the shore and eat crab legs and lobster. After dinner, we go on a short little walk and it begins to rain. We run to your car, laughing the whole time and the whole way back to my house. We go into my house and watch Disney movies until the next day.
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