September Newsletter

2016-2017 School Year

The Team (El Equipo)

  • Nadine Penn- ECE 3/4 (Model 1)
  • Anna Chavez- ECE 3/4 (Model 3)
  • Rosie Connell- ECE ELA-S
  • Jeniffer Santiago- ECE ELA-S
  • Martha Fernandez- ECE ELA-S

I am sure most of you know each other already, but know that this will be our team of support and we will all work together for the greater good of our students :) We will all get more acquainted at our monthly meeting!

The Plan (El Plan)

How I can best support you:

Cómo les puedo apoyar

  • Organization
  • Team Teaching
  • Classroom Coverage
  • Lesson Demonstration
  • Problem solving & Brainstorming
  • Co-Planning
  • Gathering Resources
  • Classroom Management
  • Goal setting & Progress monitoring
  • Technology Assistance

My Role (Mi Rol)

My goal this year to support each one of you with your unique needs. I understand that everyone on the team has different needs and I want to be sensitive to that. My hope is that everyone on the team will reach their professional teaching goal, and that I will be by your side as we reach all of the small milestones leading up to your big goal. I want to cheer you on, support you, and also learn from you as we take on this very important work this year. After all, we are all here to help our students be the best that they can be and our work is the most important in shaping our future!