4889 Sawmill Rd. Columbus, OH 43235

Laugh. Learn. Live. Love.

We are a body of believers in Jesus Christ who encourage others to laugh (it is good medicine) Learn (we teach the Bible) Live (we live what we teach) and Love (we really love to share the love of Christ).

We are not in a traditional church building (we kinda like it that way.) because we believe it doesn't matter where you's whose you are. Join us for a fun time of fellowship. We guarantee you will enjoy yourself, learn something and find the group of people you have been searching for.

Our Fellowship Times

Come fellowship with us on Sundays. We'd love to have you.

8:00 a.m. - Men's Fellowship. Just the guys..asking questions and getting style.

9:30 a.m. - Marriage Enrichment. We love keeping you in-love is a mandate in our ministry. Come see how we keep marriage real, honest and lovely.

11:00a.m. - Everyone. All together. Coffee, Fellowship, teaching, fellowship...home.