By Maddy Hodges


You might be wondering where Romania is. It's an eastern European country. Bulgaria borders it to the south, Serbia to it's southwest, Hungary to it's northwest, Moldova and Ukraine to Romania's northeast, and the Black Sea to it's east. To get a better picture, Romania is just a little bigger than the state of Minnesota.

Romania's Goverment

Romania has a republic government.Klaus Lohannis is their president. They gained independence on March 9, 1881 from the Ottoman Empire. Their national holiday is Unification Day, which is on December 1. The golden eagle is their national symbol. Their capital it Bucharest, which is in south Romania, close to the border of Bulgaria. Moldova used to be a part of Romania. It became a separate country when the Soviet Union collapsed in the early 1990's.

Romania's Culture

Romania has a population of 19,942,000(March 2014). 84% of the people are Romanian, 6.1% are Hungarian, 3.1% are Gypsy, 0.2% are German, and 0.2% are Ukrainian. 81% of the people are Christian Orthodox, 4.3% are Roman Catholic, 0.7% are Greek-Catholic, 0.3% are Unitarian, and the rest of the people have a different religion. The official language of Romania is Romanian. Some of Romania's traditional foods are these: Stews(usually with some kind of meat), soups, pork chops, and fried fish.

Romania's Flag

This is a picture of Romania's flag. According to Ancient and Heraldic times, the colors represent these things:

Blue: Vigilance, loyalty and and truth, justice, and perseverance.

Yellow: Generosity.

Red: Strength and valor, hardiness, and bravery.

The Transfagarasan

As one of the most amazing roads in the world, the Transfagarasan is 93 miles long. This road took about 4 years to build(1970 to 1974), and took about 20 tons of dynamite to move about 3 million tons of rock. It is said that many construction workers actually lost their lives building this road. The best way to visit the Transfagarasan is to drive on it yourself, but you can only do that between July 1 and October 31 every year. The speed limit is 24 mph, due to the turns and bends in the road.
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The Peles Castle

As one of Romania's most important and impressive landmarks, the Peles Castle was originally built to represent relaxation. It was sketched out by Karel Liman and Johannes Schultz. It was built in 1914 in Siniaia, Prohova, which is 27 miles away from the city Brasov. Tourists can admire luxury and beauty in this masterpiece. The Imperial Bedroom is the most impressive room in the whole castle, with decorations like a beautiful chandelier made of Bohemian crystal.
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5 students from the Nicolae Bălcescu high school in Cluj, Napoca in central Romania made it to the final of a NASA and MIT competition. They built a software that allows control over satellites that take pictures of asteroids. They qualifyed for the ZeroRobotics, which was in European Space Agency HQ in the Netherlands. The team, Castillo, got 8th place in the competition.
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