Stellar Dots May Newsletter

Recognition,incentives and important News!

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Welcome to May! One of our best months for sales and promotions!

Stellar Dots AMIGAS!!! It's MAY! Are you ready to MAYke things happen in your business for May? Join Star Director Lori Tahsler and myself for a teamwide ZOOM chat at 8pm Thursday night! Put on your PJ's, grab your best Mexican fiesta hat and maybe a beverage of your choice (Margarita's)! Let's connect VIA ZOOM and spend some time together on Cinco de Mayo! ( I will also have a prize for the best PJ's or Cinco de Mayo themed hat)

We will be sharing best practices on booking strong in May and sharing tips to help you MAYke this your best month yet. Please invite your new Stylists and part time Stylists to join us for 30 minutes of fun. We will be reviewing jumpstart rewards for all of our new Stylists and answering your questions.

Don't miss out! We have a teamwide incentive for May to help you book strong! We have over 150 new Stylists to welcome! Let's invite them to join us and help them start strong!

Time: May 5, 2016 8:00 PM (GMT-7:00) Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Or iPhone one-tap: 14157629988,390337222# or 16465687788,390337222#

Or Telephone:
Dial: +1 415 762 9988 (US Toll) or +1 646 568 7788 (US Toll)
Meeting ID: 390 337 222
International numbers available:…

Congratulations to all of you that accomplished your goal in April and a big welcome to all of our new Stylists that are joining us in April! We are so excited to have you part of our team and are here to support you and help you every step of the way!

xo Shaina Haller

Executive Director, Stellar Dots

925 640-1566

A very special Congratulations to our friends in France! You inspired us from afar with record promotions! We are so happy for you. Your friends in the US are so proud of your accomplishments. I hope you will get to meet our team in the US someday as we are one tribe of women through Stella & Dot. I'm so grateful to have met many of you this March and to have so many new friends in France! I'm looking so forward to meeting all your new styists in the fall! Merci! xo

Congratulations Audrey LAIB our newest Director!

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Congratulations CYRIELLE GENTAM, our Newest Associate Director!

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Congrats Eleonore SCHOELER, Isabelle BRUN, Orianne Dhap on your promotion to Star!

Congrats Anne Charlotte Bonnal, GAELLE PELISSIER, and Sarah Bettencourt on your promotion to Associate Stylist!

Congrats Marla Terry, Marlene Rose, and Erin Cross on your promotion to Associate Stylist!

Congrats JANICE ELLINGSON on your promotion to Associate Stylist!

Congratulations new Lead Stylist Casey Roon!

Stellar Dots TOP in sales April!

Congratulations Tamara Glavich! Number 1 in sales! Adriane Varozza, top 2! Samantha Ballard, top 3!

Congratulations to all of you that earned your EXTRAORDINARY Bracelet!

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Top in sales & Qualified with $500 in SALES in April!

8642.05 Tamara Glavich

6763.25 Adriane Varozza

6280.53 Samantha Ballard

6015.66 Lori Tahsler

5800.92 Kim Campanelli

5461.4 Isabelle BRUN

5077.44 Kathleen Whitworth

5019.98 Orianne Dhap

3272.6 Flavie Duhamel

2821.33 Ragan Edwards

2769.63 Tasha Witt


2725.5 Michelle Busalacchi

2633.9 Janice Ellingson


2514 Sarah Bettencourt

2501.33 Fleur Fong

2243.9 ludivine milan


2138.2 Hilleri Keely

2105.4 Loran Wyman

2035.01 Marlene Rose

2034.92 Katharine Rodger

2030.49 Marla Terry

2014.8 Eleonore SCHOELER

2008.23 Audrey LAIB


1762 Casey Roon



1665.24 Kristen Marcozzi

1650.8 elodie schmitz

1601.3 Solange Suarez-Gold

1598.83 Erin Cross

1598.13 Kristy Poindexter

1587.8 Robin Oliver Lovin

1585 Nilam Desai

1532.8 Heather McLaughlin

1492.38 Sarah Byrne

1427 Sydney Tugel

1420.75 Elodie Piel

1400.8 lea buehler

1310.68 Lori Dorsey

1283.6 Lucy Larson

1160.76 Marie Nicolopulos

1156.88 Lisa Branco

1104.3 Anne Charlotte Bonnal

1078.16 Amanda Harlan

1069.8 Laurie Laine


1032.87 hélène tardivel

1030 Henrilia Schmitt

1019 Leslie Zodikoff Angier

1018.9 Margaux BOREL

1016 Karen Mattis

1013 justine delaine

1011.36 Kara Garavatti

1002 Chloe Boissiere

980.37 Tatum Croft

960 Shar Katz

937.89 Jennifer Ruby

930.88 Brooke McCue

925.8 Elisa Missud

917.5 Stefanie Loop

914.39 Mia Dalsemer


876 Alice Roman


836.34 CJ Forrester

835 Anne Vereeke

821.4 Jennifer Finkel

806.3 Ludivine duverne

775.5 Allison Birdwell

771 Tatiana Kennedy

765.5 Cera Sera

740.6 margaux cocquempot

717.99 Heather Sipos

695.4 coralie monchicourt

673.4 Carol Gilbert

618.4 marjorie nicotra

601.06 Heather Meagher

573.9 Loubna Arazam

572 Kimberly Garner

564 Isabel Vitry

559 Karen Yoon

558 Marisela Gutierrez

557.5 Tonya Large

554 Nancy Roon

550.5 Delphine BATTU

549 Susan Smith

544 Sonia Duane

543.8 Sherri Chevalier

542 Sonya Hollander

541.6 Kirsten Didonna

538.4 marie-christine salvati

524.5 Joann Brose

524 Mary Krugh

523 Melanie Volk

519.5 Katy McCauley

515 Hélène LEHURAUX

513.8 Theresa Legaspi

513.12 Carrie Wright

513 Amanda Bassetti

512 Emily Freeman

509 Lisa Qvistgaard

508 Stacey Allain

506.97 Kristina Rogers

506.49 Kellie Whited

502.58 Jodi Cole

501.84 Anita Gormley

Top in Qualifying new Stylists for APRIL!

4 Orianne Dhap

3 Samantha Ballard

3 Isabelle BRUN

2 Lori Tahsler

1 Adriane Varozza

1 Kim Campanelli

1 Kathleen Whitworth


1 Janice Ellingson

1 Sarah Bettencourt


1 Hilleri Keely

1 Marlene Rose

1 Marla Terry

1 Eleonore SCHOELER

1 Casey Roon


1 Erin Cross

1 Lisa Branco

1 Kimberly Garner

1 Amy Costello


Top TRUNK SHOWS booked for April!

8 Tamara Glavich

8 Kim Campanelli


7 Samantha Ballard

7 Lori Tahsler

7 Isabelle BRUN

7 Flavie Duhamel

5 Kathleen Whitworth

5 Orianne Dhap


Extended through May 6th! Sponsor and build your team today!

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May is one of our top months for PROMOTION BONUSES! Review what team volume and qualifications you need!

If you want to promote and earn your bonus, it's all about volume! Below is a guide of how many team trunk shows are generally needed to hit your volume. Please reach out for questions as we are here to help you!

Assoc. Stylist, 4 team shows
Sr. Stylist, 8 team shows
Star Stylist, 10-15 team shows
Associate Director, 30 team shows
Director, 60 team shows
Sr. Director, 130 team shows
Star Director, 300 team shows
Executive Director, 600 plus team shows

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Earn your spot in the Stellar Dots Villa at Hoopla for free! 6 Stylists can earn their free stay! One Stylist can also opt to Stay after Hoopla for a Family trip for 4 nights!

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The stellar Dots suite is reserved and waiting for you in Orlando! There is plenty of room for 5 Stylists to join me as my guest for free in our Villa this Hoopla in Orlando July 22-24. In addition to staying in the suite at Hoopla, one additional Stylist can will be able to stay in the Villa July 25-29th with your family or friends for free! Maybe A post Hoopla Vacation for you and your family at Disney world? The best part about earning your spot in the villa for free is that you are EARNING GLAM POINTS AT the same time, earning more commission on your sales and building your team! You will also be getting closer to Promoting and earning a promotion Bonus! By simply booking and sponsoring consistently, you could earn Glam and a free place to stay at HOOPLA! How do you win?

IT's EASY!! Track your GLAM points through May 31st! The top 6 Stylists with the highest GLAM points by May 31st will be invited to stay in the Stellar Dots suite for free July 22-24 . One winner can stay in the Villa after Hoopla July 25-29TH. Earners will be announced first of June!I And for those of you that are new to our team, HOOPLA is especially for you! I didn't attend Hoopla my first year because i was new, super part time and didn't know anyone . BIG BIG mistake! Hoopla is where you meet your TRIBE, your friends, your team. Hoopla changes you, and helps you run your business. Hoopla helps you earn more per hour, and Stylists that attend earn 6 times more than those that don't attend. It's a game changer. It's a no brainer! So don't think of the many reasons you can't attend. Choose to invest some time into you and your business and I promise you won't regret it! You deserve it! Good luck ladies!!! I can't wait to see who registers today and who wants to earn a free place to say at Hoopla! xo Shaina

REGISTER FOR HOOPLA! The very best way to grow your business!

log into the louge to register today! Don't miss out! NEW STYLISTS, this is especially for you!

rules and fine print

-Contest runs Feb 12-May 31st, 2016.

-Those that win must attend Hoopla.

-This Incentive is open to all Stellar Dots that have Shaina as their Upline Star Director.

-Those that share the Villa will be paired up and sharing King or Queen beds or pull out Sofa. First come first serve based on highest glam points.

-Villa is located next to the Marriott hotel in the Villa section and requires a 3 minute shuttle to the Hotel.

-Villa has 2 bedrooms, plus family room and two full baths. 1260 SF

-Guests are responsible for any charges made while staying at the property.

-STYLIST with the highest glam points have first option of sharing Villa during glam or using Villa after hoopla. First come first serve.

-Guests of the Villa understand we there will be a team toast at our villa one evening of hoopla for all Stellar dots to attend.

-THis is currently open to guests attending US hoopla. UK Hoopla will have a separate incentive.

-guests must be ready to have fun!!!! :)

Hoopla and Glam Getaway Pics! You can't miss out!

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