Western Civilization Final

Semester 1

Standard #1 Understand historical patterns, periods of time, and the relationships among these elements.

The Renaissance started in the 14th century. It was a time of rebirth, art and culture. The Renaissance also brought other things like individuality, which eventually led people to challenge the church. This brought on the Reformation, a period in time that changed religion and the authority of the church. They are connected because they both changed cultures and they way people lived. They have an impact still today, because art that was created during the Renaissance is still valued today, and it changed the way people saw art. The reformation have an impact today because it brought new religions and new authorities and governments.

Standard #2 Understand how and why people create, maintain, or change systems of power, authority, and governance.

After WWII, in the 1940s, Joseph Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union wanted more power. The growing tensions between the U.S and the Soviet Union were not helping at all either. By trying to gain more power, Stalin, in a way, started the Cold War. In wanted to get more power, he lost control over it, and started a war. He is a power paradox. This made an impact on the world today, because there are still tensions between the U.S. and Russia today. Another impact of the Cold War was the Space Race, when America was able to send the first man to the moon furthering our knowledge about outer space.

Standard #3 Understand the role of culture and cultural diffusion on the development and maintenance of societies.

In ancient times merchants we very low class. Take the Middle Ages, for example. The merchants in the Middle Ages were very low on the food chain. As the culture in the Middle Ages started to change, the merchants did too. The Middle Ages saw more and more trade, and as that was happening merchants were selling furs, jewels, clothes, and so much more. As people in the middle ages wanted more and more, the merchants were gaining more money and popularity. This has impact our world today because a lot of the products everyone uses today are from other countries, which really are sold to us by modern day merchants.

Standard #4 Understand the role of individuals and groups within a society as promoters of change or the status quo.

The Reformation was led by a man named Martin Luther. Luther began an uprising that changed culture. Thinking that the Church was corrupt, he nailed the 95 Theses in protest to the Church’s teachings and ways. Soon, Luther’s name was all over Germany. It is better to have a great individual than a good group. This reformation led to new leaders and new ways that the Church was looked at. It also brought new government leaders in England. This has impacted the world today because Luther was able to start a revolution that began a new religion.

Standard #5 Understand the effect of economic needs and wants on individual and group decisions.

People trade everyday. It is something we can hardly live without. Trade has impacted our world so much our lives would be so different without it. The Industrial Revolution brought new developments in technology and medicine. It brought iron, which was used to make train tracks, which led to easier trade across the nation. With living spaces being so cramped and during the Industrial Revolution, the people did not have super clean homes, doctors and scientists made major advancements in medicine trying to improve people’s situation. An example would be disease. Doctors found out what caused diseases, or rather, why they appear. Then, doctors were able to make advancements in how to cure some diseases.

Standard #7 Understand the role of innovation on the development and interaction of societies

I use technology every day. I use it for entertainment, but I also use it for education. This has impact our world so much, so careers revolves around it. It’s part of the way we communicate. It has helped us better understand the world we live in. We have been able to travel to space. We have traveled to the bottom of the ocean. We have made advancements in medicine because of technology. We have made advancements in technology because of technology.

Standard #8 Understand cause and effect relationships and other historical thinking skills in order to interpret events and issues.

The Renaissance led to the Reformation. During the Renaissance people started to understand individuality and realized they wanted to be their own people. During this time, they also realized the corruptness of the Church. That was when they started to separate themselves from the Church. Events that came from this were the formations of new religions like Protestant.