Respiratory System

By: Alison Heller

What does the respiratory system do?

1. serve as an air distributor

2. exchanger for the body.

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Larynx-voice box

makes sound
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Trachea-wind pipe

1. Air distributor

2. produces mucus

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1. lets air in

2. the hairs of the nose cleans the air of foreign particles

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Nasal cavity

What lets you smell
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where food enters
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Pharynx-the throat

receives the food and then directs food to the esophagus
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1. connect the middle ears

2. equalizes air pressure

Oropharynx/ layrngopharynx

both air and food passes through them
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Conducts air into the lungs
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transport oxygen into the blood stream
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separates chest from the abdomen
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Intercostil muscle

help form and move the chest
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keeps food from going into the trachea
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