Cinderella Man

My favorite film we watched this year was "Cinderella Man". I enjoyed this film because of all the action and Braddock's rise to the top. Also, I like that it is a true story because it makes it much more interesting when you know what you're watching is actually true. Finally, I think I enjoyed this film most because I like seeing the underdog defeat all his challengers and win.
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La Amistad

The film that made the biggest impression on me was "La Amistad". It really opened my eyes about how terrible the whites treated slaves. I couldnt believe the conditions the slaves were put in for months on the ships that brought them to America from wherever they were. Also, the fact that they would throw slaves off the ship and leave them to drown because they underestimated the amount of food they would need is horrendous. I can't imagine that men could be that ruthless.

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The New World

My least favorite film we watched this year was "The New World". One reason why I didn't like it very much was because almsot half the film wasn't in English. Also, there wasn't much action in this film so it didn't keep me as interested as the others. I think they tried to make it a little to much historically accurate and needed to make it a little more loosely based so viewers would be more interested.
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World War ll vs. Colonization

My favorite time period we covered in this class was World War ll. I enjoyed this time period the most because of the two films, "Pearl Harbor" and "Band of Brothers". Both of these films were very Interesting to me and I liked learning more about World War ll because I had a relative who fought in that war. My least favorite time period we covered in this class was Colonization. I didn't enjoy this period because of the films, "The last Mohicans" and "The New World". I was not interested with these films at all. I think it is because of the lack of action in the Colonization period.

Shaping of the United States

The events from 1600-1945 have helped shaped the United states by discovering new land, colonizing the land so people could settle there, and the outcome of the 3 major wars (World War l, Civil War, World War ll). The establishment of a democracy was a huge part in shaping the U.S. It gave the people the power to elect representatives and without it there would be chaos. All of these events were a main role in shaping the United States.

What I got from the films

The films we watched this year gave me a more in depth knowledge of the U.S. and how it became what it is today. Before these films, I had little knowlege of the United States past time and now I'm much more informed about it. Ive learned much more about the slaves and how inhumanely they were treated, the huge impact fighter pilots had on World War l and ll, Lincoln and his efforts to abolish slavery, how the early Americans colonized and settled, and finally the amazing efforts the American soldiers gave in the Civil War and how that impacted the outcome.