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An Unforgiving World.

Mary Shelley uses companionship as a reoccurring theme in Frankenstein to express to the reader how important friendship is. In the book’s exposition, Walton writes that he desires a companion and throughout the entire book the creature is constantly searching for one. Shelley communicated to her audience just how influential friendship can be on our lives. Humans are by nature, social creatures that thrive in a community built upon intercommunication. And without it, we cease to function properly. In the novel, the creature could not function accordingly as a result.

In The Beginning...

In one of the letters addressed to his sister, Walton says, "you may deem me romantic, my dear, sister but I bitterly feel the want of a friend," (Letter II). Since he was the only uneducated man abroad the ship, he felt ostracized and without companionship. He goes on to say, "how would such a friend repair the faults of your poor brother!" (Letter II). With a friend nearby, Walton would be able to feel composed and the difficulties he was facing could be eased.

During his time in Ingolstadt, Victor states, "In M. Waldman I found a true friend," (Chapter IV). Waldman was his professor, the predisposition in that he could accomplish such farfetched feats in the field of science. If he hadn't made Waldman's social acquaintance, he would have never found the courage to follow his dreams.

After Victor made his one true fatal mistake, Clerval paid him a visit out of worry over the lack of letters. Victor said, "Nothing could equal my delight on seeing Clerval...I grasped his hand, and in a moment forgot my horror and misfortune; I felt suddenly, and for the first time during many months, calm and serene joy," (Chapter V). Clerval brought relief to Victor as his only social contact in two years. Clerval nursed him and aided him until his full recovery from the mental strain that the creature created in him. The power of companionship can heal the deepest mental scars.

Why Do We Need Friends?


  • A friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself". This quote describes the role that a friend plays in your life.
  • Friends are the ones who are always there for you, whether the times are good or bad.
  • They never leave your side, even in the worst of circumstance. When you are sitting with a friend, you don’t feel the need to say words. He/she understands even you silence.
  • Friends are amongst those few people who accept us, rather like us, as we are. They never come into our life, expecting us to change for them. However, they do correct us when we are at fault.

RE: Importance of Social Interaction

We agree that Frankenstein shows as well as this website that social interaction is vital to human health. Friends are the basis of this importance. As we stated earlier, we are social creatures that rely on companionship.