Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Who was it?

This case came from a person named Helen Stoner. She had told Holmes that she was suspicious about her sister's death. The details were she lived with her stepfather and he was someone you don't want to know. She said that her sister was getting married and the stepfather will have to give her some of the money. Later on Helen said she heard a scream, so she ran out to find her and found her laying on the ground in pain. She died by the time the doctor came. The doctor couldn't find anything and that was it. So Holmes and Dr. Watson went to investigate and found a rope that opened a vent. Helen said that was for if they needed anything, but she just did it herself. They were confused so they snuck in at night in the house looking for clues but then heard a scream in a room. As they opened the door the stepfather was dead with a snake on him. That's when it hit him that the snake would go through the vent and poison the sister, so the father was the murder. And also the whistle was for the snake to come back, but didn't listen and bit the stepfather.

Guilty or unguilty

The next great adventure involved a son, father, gun, and some old problems. Holmes read the paper saying the son was guilty. But he was suspicious because the son just said it was him with no hesitation. He knew he was not guilty. James McCarty the son told the judge that he just came back from a 3 day trip in Bristol. When he went to go see his father at the lake witnesses said they saws James with a gun. James told the jury that his father was mad at him and they got into an argument. As he left he heard a scream it was him dying on the ground. As he held him up with his hand, he saw a jacket on the side. Right when Sherlock heard that clue he was ready to go. He spoke to many people until one confess. He told how they use to rob and James father betrayed him. So when he got the chance, BANG! James was now free.