It's All About the Money

No. 5

Direct Deposit & Pay Dates

Hopefully when you joined you included your checking account so your checks are deposited directly into your account.

You will get paid twice a month!

  • Parties submitted from the 1st-15th will be paid on the 25th of the month.
  • Parties submitted from the 16th to the end of the month will be paid on the 10th of the following month.

When you start building a team, the overrides from your team are paid on the 10th.

Save Your Recietps & Track Your Expenses!

Please save your receipts and track your mileage for tax purposes. Many of your expenses including your Enrollment Kit, office supplies, monthly subscriptions are tax deductible.

Don't Print & Waste Your Ink--Have Them Shipped!

The Home Office of Thirty-One provides flyers for our monthly specials.

Be sure to sign up for Monthly Auto-Ship for your Monthly Special Flyers! You cannot print them cheaper and they come on heavy glossy paper.

• Go to your Virtual Office (consultant log-in)

• Click on "Order"

• Click on "Subscriptions"

• Create a New Subscription --Monthly Auto Ship AR7223

You will receive your website for FREE during your Start Swell period.

Add Your Name, Info & Photo

Your customers can access your website using your consultant ID. If you prefer, you can change it to a name you want. You can also add some information about you and add a photo!

To personalize your website:

• Go to Virtual Office and log-in

• Click on "Profile"

• Click on the tab "Website Information"

• Next to options, click on "Personalize"

Web Address:

• Where it says "My website name", change the ID number to whatever name you prefer.

• If it does not update, someone may have the name you chose. Keep trying until you get one you like!

About Me:

• You'll see a section much like a Word Document.

• Write a little about yourself and include your "Why".

• When people visit your website they can click on the "About Me" section and learn all about YOU!

Add a Picture:

• Click on "Upload a Photo"

• Click on "Add Files"

• Browse to picture your photo and click "Upload File"

Thoughts, Talks & Trends

"Thoughts, Talks and Trends" is a monthly newsletter, created by the Home Office, that features monthly specials, product ideas, a link to host a party. It is personalized with your name and photo and a link to your website. When a customer places an order (or wants to host a party) from the newsletter, it is placed through your website.

Additionally, you receive a report showing who viewed the email as well as which pages they looked at!

The cost is $3 per month and is billed along with your website around the 1st of the month. To order it, log into your virtual office and click on order. Click "Subscription" and create a "New Subscription. Choose "Newsletter".

Put Your Name On Everything!

Order business cards and hand them out to everyone! Thirty-One offers business cards you can personalize with your own photo plus note cards and more that can be purchased through TOT. is a wonderful alternative.

Order return labels (or print them through Word) or a stamp with your name, phone number, and email address. Put them on EVERY catalog and flyer you give out so customers know who to order from!

Thirty-One does have certain policies and procedures we must follow when marketing. Check the Consultant Guidebook in the Toolbox on TOT for more information.

When you treat your business as a hobby, it will pay like a hobby. When you treat your business as a business, it will pay like a business!