6 Battles From the Texas Revolution

By: Breana Deanda

The Battle of Velasco

This battle took place on June 26, 1832 and is known as the first case of bloodshed between Texas and Mexico. There were 100-150 Texan soldiers and 91-200 Mexican soldiers. Texas won this battle after the Mexican troops surrendered because they ran out of ammo.

The Battle of Nacogdoches

This battle started on August 2, 1832 when a group of settlers wouldn't surrender their arms to Col. Jose de las Piedras. The ayuntamiento resisted his order, organized a "National Militia", and sent messages requesting military aid. When the soldiers arrived, they demanded that Piedras rescind his order, but he refused. On August 3, 1832, the Texans overtook the Mexican column. The Texans won this battle when the Mexicans surrendered.

The Battle of Gonzales

This battle started started when american settlers refused to surrender a cannon. About 100 dragoons were sent to retrieve it. On October 2, 1835, the Texans attacked the Mexicans. Since the Mexicans were outnumbered and outgunned, they withdrew from the battle.

The Siege of the Alamo

On March 6,1836, Santa Anna launched a full scale attack on the battered fort and killed all the soldiers; he took no prisoners. The Texans held the Alamo for about 13 to 14 days.

The Battle of San Jacinto

This battle was the concluding battle of the Texas Revolution won Texas' independence. The Texans won this battle because they attacked the Mexicans while they were asleep and they didn't have enough time to react.

The Goliad Massacre

This is known as the most infamous episode in the Texas Revolution. Santa Anna's army captured Texas soldiers and executed them all.