The 6th Colony

Thomas Hooker

Thomas Hooker was the founder of Connecticut. He was born in Marefeild, UK on July 5,1586. He died in Hartford, CC at the age of 61 and he died 2 days after his birthday. So put all this information together and you would of found out he died on July 7,1647.He attended Cambridge University and recieved a bachelor degree 1608 and master degree in 1611.While he was at a Cambridge he got intrested in Puritanism so he left the university and became a clergyman in Essex, England.He left England and came to Holland and he came all the way to America.

Important People in the colony

There were other important people in Connecticut. Governor John Haynes helped Thomas Hooker led the 100 purtians to Connecticut so he is important to the colony.John Winthrop Jr. received a charter form King Charles ll and started a government for Connecticut. Before that happened they didn't have a government. So those three people are considered very important to the colony.

Geography and Climate

The winters were long so it was hard to grow crops and the poor rocky soil made it even harder to grow crops.They also had rivers but that was'nt saving them from the terrible soil.Since the summers were short they didn't have enough time for winter,but the winters in Connecticut killed diseases.Connecticut had rocky mountains with very thick trees and hills in the upland.

Activities and Jobs

Some of the jobs are fishing,getting lumber,building ships,raising livestock,and gathering fur. Other colonies in the New England colonies did the same jobs.farmer was the main food source and it was hard to farm with the pour soil but they pushed through hard times,and feed the people while making plenty of money.some crops farmers harvested were wheat and corn.

The Founding of The Colony

The Connecticut colony was founded in 1636 the reason why was Thomas hooker was dissatisfied with the government of the puritan church, and the rigid practices in Massachusetts so he started his own colony with about 100 puritans. Governor John Haynes helped Thomas Hooke start the colony.

Fun Facts

The nick name of Connecticut is river colony from a native indian phrase meaning river whose water is driven by tides and wave. Connecticut also has another nickname like the nutmeg state. I say that is is kind of self-explainitory why it is called the nutmeg state, they're nutmegs there.