Mrs. Donovan's Kindergarten Class


A Peek Into Our Days at School

The Holiday Season is upon us! November was a whirlwind of learning, creativity and celebration in kindergarten! In November our studies included a unit on families. We discussed the importance of family and the role we play in our own. We shared our family favorites, wrote about the people in our family, counted the members of our family, created family trees and read many stories with a family theme. This study of family led to important discussions about the different kinds of families in the world and how all of them are held together by love. Students also learned about Pilgrims and Native Americans and enjoyed a culminating celebration at our Thanksgiving Feast with the first grade. In December we are learning about different holiday celebrations from around the world. We have read stories and heard legends from Mexico, Germany, Greece and Israel just to name a few! It is a holiday workshop in our class as we anticipate and celebrate the holidays!

In Science, our learning has focused on how scientists use their five senses to solve mysteries. We all enjoyed figuring out what was inside classroom mystery boxes and the family mystery boxes were amazing! Thank you to everyone for supporting our science unit! In Reading, students are beginning to build a strong base of sight words for use in reading and writing. Our reading workshop lessons continue to support comprehension and conversation. Our most recent lessons have focused on how the illustrations in books, specifically the eyes, can give us insight into what characters are thinking and feeling. Finally, in math, students have completed units focused on recognizing, writing, counting and representing numbers through ten, using "5-groups", and we have begun addition and subtraction. I am so proud of the progress the students are making!

Requested Items

We are in need of a few items for our class. If you are able to donate any of the following things, we would appreciate it!

Paper Towels

Hand Pump Soap

Elmer's Glue

Large Ziploc Bags

Thanks in advance!

The Weather Outside is Frightful....I Mean Beautiful!

We can't believe it is so warm in December! We try to get outside for fresh air and exercise often. When the weather does turn cold, please remember to dress your children warmly! Also, since we try to go out every day, please remember to send in a change of clothes for your child in case of a wet slide or a fall in the mud/dirt/snow. It is so much easier to have a change of clothes handy than to try to call home! As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.