Queen Elizabeth I

Parliament's Puppet

About Queen Elizabeth I

She began her reign on January 15, 1559. There were lots of questions surrounding her coronation because she was an illegitimate successor, daughter of annulled marriage of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, under canon and statue laws because she was a Protestant married to a Catholic French king.

Parliament's Puppet

Parliament used her to keep the power for themselves and away from Catholic France. Her becoming Queen showed Parliament's desire for power and money. Through her reign and her alliance with Parliament, the Protestant cause was cemented in England.

Her Role in the Reformation

She was a Protestant who pretended to be Catholic to reform England to Protestantism. She issued the 39 Articles, which allowed Catholic organization in ceremonies and clothes but brought the Oath of Royal Supremacy back and decreed uniformity in Protestantism.

Fight Against Catholicism

Queen Elizabeth wanted nothing to do with Catholics. She forbade them from coming into England and threatened them with executions. She, in total, executed 189 Catholic priests who ignored her orders.