St. Petersburg Ready For Action

August 28th 1878

Written By Sofia Bosio

Missing Boys

A terrible thing has happened last night at around 12:00 am. Three boys were found missing this morning. The identified missing boys are Tom Sawyer, Joe Harper, and Hucleberry Finn. Tom and Joe were last seen sleeping as nice as ever on their beds, and Huck was last seen by the jailhouse that night. We have sent search parties all around St. Petersburg and nothing has been found. Word is the boys snuck out late at night to play a game of pirates, but drowned while doing so. The boys were discribed to have been speaking the day before, planning out a possible plan. If you happen to find anything, please contact the police as soon as possible!

Map of St. Petersburg

Possible places the boys may be. If you see them in these areas, contact the police.
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Exclusive With The Author

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Mark Twain

"Thank you so much for being here today Mr. Twain! We are so glad to have you here. Lets get started right away. First Question: In your new book, I enjoyed your allusion to Robin Hood when the boys were playing games on the island. Why did you choose this certain allusion?"

"I chose this allusion because it tells the reader what goes through the boys minds about what real life adventures are. Also, it helps relate to the readers emotional appeal to their past."

"What was your favorite part of your story?"

"Well, I enjoyed every second of the book. I don't really have a main favorite part because this whole story relates to my past in some way and I truly enjoyed my past."

"What was going through your mind while you were writing your story?"

"Many thoughts were running through my head the whole time I had my pencil on the paper. I always had these flashbacks about those moments where the book relates to so much that it makes you feel like you went back in time. Many of my emotions were brought out with this book and I hope other peoples were too!"

"Thank you so much for taking your time to come in today and share with us some great things!"

"It was my pleasure to be here!"