HEI awareness

By: Emma Wiegers

drought along the Hoover dam

for 77 years there has been a dry spell that has been in colorado along the river and by the hoover dam. Because of the drought that has taken over the area Colorado has been losing the power and the amount of electricity it has.

Water levels going down

In 2014 lake mead is supposed to shrink 2.4 meters in 2014 as less and less water flows downstream from lake Powell (in between utah and Arizona).the decline of water levels comes about the because the US Bureau of Reclamation needs to cut lake Powell's water release by 1 billion cubic meters .The water levels haven't been the same since the 1960's.

how do these go together? what is being done to fix it?

Because of the desert and the amount of time it has been around it has caused the water levels of the lakes around and by the hoover dam have shrunk drastically. The Hoover dam Hydroelectric power plant has put in the first of five wide head turbines. These are supposed to work efficantly even with the amount of water loss along the colorado river.
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Level 1: how much is lake mead supposed to shrink in 2014?

Level 2: what are the positive effects if wind turbines?