Knight Notes

MAY 1, 2017


Good morning--

On last Tuesday, as I sat and enjoyed our Senior Awards Ceremony, I was truly impressed by our kids. 19 of our kids qualified for Bright Flight. We had a National Merit Finalist, two Missouri 100 recipients, and numerous students who won state and national awards in various co-curricular areas. Our seniors amassed nearly nine million dollars in scholarships. We also had amazing musical performances that were truly stunning, There is unbelievable talent here at FHN!

However, these many wonderful accomplishments an outstanding performances were not the only thing that I was proud of. I was proud of the way our kids conducted themselves. They cheered for every kid who got an award. It did not matter if they were friends or were a part of the same social group. They cheered because they are good kids who treat each other well.

You have done an excellent job with these young people! Thank you! Thank you! There is a reason why this school is an awesome place to be. It is the people!

Enjoy your last few weeks of school.



This will be the first of many emails regarding summer projects. The 3rd floor is going to get all new floor tile. This includes hallways and classrooms. There will not be new flooring in the 2 classrooms that were replaced last year.

The project will begin on May 23 through the end of June. The 3rd floor will not be accessible during this time. Also, the custodians will need time to wax and put classrooms back together. Third floor teachers will need to “tag” all of their furniture and desks. I will email the schedule once I receive it from the contractors.


  • Great Senior Awards Night. Our seniors have amassed nearly $9,000,000 dollars in scholarships to date.
  • Great Middle School Nights at Hollenbeck and Barnwell. It was awesome to meet some of our new families. We were very impressed.
  • Congratulations to the inductees to El Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica!
  • Thanks to KOE for hosting an awesome luncheon to celebrate volunteers.
  • Thanks to NHS for a fantastic Secret Scholar Breakfast.
  • Congrats to DECA on their International Competition. 10 students placed in the top 30%!



We are excited to announce that Ms. Courtney Flamm will be joining the FHN staff next year. Courtney will be the newest member of our Art Department and also help out in ISAP. She has been teaching Art at the middle school level for several years and has served as the Gifted Education Coordinator for the Winfield School District. I know that she is very excited to be a Knight!


I wanted to let you know that we will have hall monitors starting May 8 and continuing for the remainder of the year. Jesse Stewart and Jeremy Opher will be our hall monitors. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Monday, May 1st is the last day to submit surplus forms for textbooks to be approved for shipment this summer. Please send these to Jeff Blankenship before the end of the day. Thank you.


Knights @ 90: FHN currently has 86.6% of students attending 90% of the time.

Please remember that there is a 95% attendance requirement for each class a student is trying to exempt a final in. Thank you.


Climate Committee Summary

Discussion Items

  • Reviewed and discussed feedback from the faculty meeting discipline discussion
  • Administrators be more mindful of frequent flyers and notifying teachers of the pattern in order to better collaborate
  • Discussion of calling parents pro-actively before a consequence needs to be invoked to change behavior patterns

Action Steps

  • Use the next Staff Chat to start developing a resource to help teachers and administrators collaborate on discipline issues in a more consistent manner
  • Discuss the possibility of implementing more team (teachers, counselor, administrator, parents) meetings as a SIP strategy to discuss discipline patterns


The next Behavior Team meeting will be on 5/8 at 6:45 in Room 5/8.


Check out Edpuzzle This app allows you to adjust a video for the needs of students and allows for formative assessment as students watch video or flipped classroom.


2016-2017 Staff Commitments to the Learning Environment

In order to improve the climate/environment at FHN, the staff commits to:

  1. building positive relationships with students and staff members.
  2. listening to the concerns of others and by helping to problem solve those issues.
  3. helping students to see the relationship between effort and success.
  4. being open-minded to new ideas.
  5. addressing any inappropriate behavior immediately to help set an expectation of appropriate hallway and classroom behavior.
  6. giving clear and consistent expectations for device use and by enforcing them.
  7. counting tardies consistently.


  • April 25 -Senior Awards

  • May 1-May 12-AP Testing

  • May 1-Howell of Fame Ceremony

  • May 4th-Graduation Practice, Senior Panoramic, Senior Breakfast, and Sophomore Ring

  • May 3-Faculty Meeting

  • May 5-Exemption Forms Due
  • KOE Picnic
  • May 16-Locker Clean Out

  • May 17-Final Exams

  • May18-Final Exams

  • May 19-Final Exams

  • May 20th-last day for teachers (unless you logged 3.5 hours earlier and checked out on the 19th)

  • June 3rd-Graduation @3:00

  • July 27- Summer DC Meeting

  • July 31 and August 1-- Schedule pick up

  • August 2--Meeting/Workday

  • August 3-Building PD

  • August 4--Transition Day

  • August 7- District Kick-off/Meeting Day

  • August 8--1/2 workday

  • August 9--First day of school

  • Open House: August 16th (5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.)
  • Parent Teacher Conferences: September 6th, October 12th, February 15th, March 14th (4 p.m.-7:30 p.m.)


Shout Out to all of the staff who assisted with EOC testing this past week!

--Dr. Birch


Tuesday, May 2nd, 10am-12:30pm



Wednesday, May 3rd, 2:30-3:30pm



Thursday, May 4th, 9pm


Graduation Practice and Homeroom Schedule Information

Thursday, May 4th, 2015

  • 1st Hour--7:20-7:50 (30 minutes)
  • 2nd Hour--7:55-8:25 (30 minutes)--After attendance is taken, Seniors released to the commons for Senior Breakfast.
  • Homeroom--8:30-@ 9:40--Seniors will report to homeroom, get practice information

from their homeroom teachers, march to the gym in a Senior processional and be in their seats, as per graduation, no later than 8:55. Seniors will be released after practice/panoramic picture and not return to classes for the rest of the day.

  • Juniors will report to homeroom. During homeroom they will attend a 20 minute presentation on senior photos. Junior homeroom teachers will bring their students down to the auditorium at the specified time, remain with them during the presentation, and then escort them back to class when the presentation is over. Please keep your class close as you walk down to the auditorium because we will have various groups of students walking through the halls at that time.
  • 8:40–9:00--Homerooms with students last name A – Ler
  • 9:10–9:30--Homerooms with students last name Les - Z
  • Sophomores stay in their homeroom. Sophomores who have purchased a class ring from Herff Jones will have passes in order to go to the commons for the ring breakfast.
  • Freshmen stay in their homeroom.

Note:If practice runs past 9:40, Mrs. Downs will announce when Senior Homeroom teachers are available to return to their classrooms so that students can be released from homeroom to go to 3rd hour. Seniors will take the panoramic picture after homeroom teachers are released. Times are approximate.

  • 3rd Hour @9:45 – 10:07 (22 minutes)

Note: Seniors will be released after practice/picture and will not return to class/lunch. Seniors will exit through the gym lobby doors and not reenter the building.

4th Hour--Regular bell schedule for lunches and the rest of the day.

Thanks for everyone’s help to make this all happen in a smooth and orderly way!


Friday, May 5th, 12:30-2:30pm