Federal Programs Highlights

ARP (ESSER III) Survey Results

Last month the Gulfport School District surveyed stakeholders regarding ways to spend ARP funds. Below are the survey results. You will need to click the picture to see a full view. A copy of the grant will be posted on the district's Federal Programs webpage once it has been approved.

Educational Tuition Assistance Grant (Teachers)

We are pleased to announce we have awarded "16" Educational Tuition Assistance Grants to our Gulfport Teachers. This is a great opportunity for teachers interested in pursuing graduate studies. You can access the application here!

Deadline for this submission is November 30, 2021. If you have questions about the application process, please call Lea Bellon at 228-865-4610.

Upcoming Conferences

Title I Crate To Do List (Administrators or Designees)

The following indicators are due before Winter Break:
  • Y.9.1 Teacher qualifications response to parents (Deadline: 09/30/2021)
  • Y.3.1 Written school-level parent and family engagement plan/policies. (Deadline: 10/31/2021)
  • AD.10.1 Section of schoolwide plan or a summary that speaks to how your school support ELs (Deadline: 10/31/2021)
  • Y.3.2 Evidence of parent and family member involvement in the policy's development (Deadline: 11/29/2021)
  • Z.2.1 Documentation of schoolwide program implementation (Deadline: 12/11/2021)
  • Y.4.2 Evidence schools provided the required information to parents of Title I children (Deadline: 12/13/2021)

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Remaining FY 21 Funds

All schools should be actively spending your FY 21 (Acct 2212) funds to address school-wide needs. We are currently awaiting on the approval of the FY 22 budget. If you have any concerns, please contact me so that we can meet and look at your budget.