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Edith frank Edith frank

Edith was born January 16th 1900. Into a family of five as the 4th child she had 2 brothers and 1 sister that died at 17. 12th of may 1925 she married Otto Frank. Mother of Ann and Margot

Edith Frank (apron)

Mrs. frank

Mrs. frank is represented by an apron, she may or may not be a good cook but she is caring. Through the rough times and the good she still cooked cleaned and had time for her kids. When people thing oh a great mom they picture a woman cleaning cooking caring and loving all for the sake of a family. Even though Ann rejected her she would still try and try to gain her love because that's what mothers do. When Ann had her nightmares, Mrs. Frank would come in and try to south her. This did not always work but she kept trying. Mrs frank would not stop at any amount of hardship to help her Family and friends

Friendship is important

Friendship is important

Ann and Peter would talk in peters room. " Peter did you and me really go to the same school and never meet." (P418) Ann and petter are always together helping one another. (p 418) They are such good friends they are even starting to love each other. Margo stuffs the high heals for Ann to wear to look good for Peter. (P417)

Always have faith

The Frank's and the others in the Anixs were very faithful people. Through all of the hardship of hiding and other problems the family's still prayed and celebrated the lord all mighty. (P. 401) during Hanukkah there were no presents three were no 8 candles, but they still celebrated and sang songs oh worship. (P. 401) mr frank came up from the work place saying it was only a thief. He said "have we all lost faith."(p 407) the Frank's had to have faith. Without it they would not have lasted as long as they did.