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Issue #6 04/24/13

It's Spring Cleaning Time!

For most of us, spring cleaning means yard work, washing windows and cleaning out closets. We think it could also be a time to clean out all of your electronic files, organize your favorite web resources and make sure you have a solid data backup plan. The school year is winding down and it is important that when you leave for the summer that your files are not left behind!

All computers are electronic devices which can fail and when they do, they frequently take your precious data with them! Please consider taking some time in the coming weeks to secure and backup your data by following our guidelines and recommendations below.

Remember that the technology department is NOT responsible for the safe-keeping of your data.

Data Spring Cleaning Tips

Here are some tips for data safekeeping:

  • delete all old files and clean off your desktop, just drag to the trash bin
  • organize your data just like paper, create folders and use file names that make sense
  • use the "Z" drive whenever possible instead of the local hard drive, click here for instructions
  • take advantage of your Google drive and upload files to this online storage, all employees have 5 gigabytes of storage. Click here for instructions !
  • use other online storage sites such as Dropbox, Box, or Evernote
  • don't forget about backing up your favorites too, consider using an online tool such as Diigo, Delicious, Symbaloo, Livebinders, or Google Bookmarks.

**Remember that when your files are online, you can access them from anywhere you have access to the internet**

Clutter Free YouTube Viewing

With YouTube sometimes you end up taking the good with the bad. It is nice that as staff members we can unblock YouTube when we need to because after all there is great content on there which is appropriate for viewing in the classroom. Don't you hate it though when you show a video and all those suggested videos pop up which have nothing to do with your video and in fact often times have very inappropriate thumbnails!

Enter Viewpure. Watch videos without comments, suggestions, or the "OTHER" things. Unblock YouTube on your teacher computer, go to the Viewpure site and paste the video link into the site or install the bookmarklet in your browser and view the video in your class CLUTTER FREE!

Hey..that's good to know!

Contact these people for the following systems:

  1. PowerSchool IDs and Email: Lisa Saverio
  2. ThinkCentral: Dana Walker or Lisa Rock
  3. Study Island: site math coordinator
  4. AR/Star: site librarian
  5. Performance Tracker: Maureen Jennis
  6. Kid Biz: Jeanne Rauch

Check Out These Sites...

  1. Record MP3: Make a quick mp3 file of your voice or any other sound with this simple site. Recordings can be linked to or you can download the mp3 file and use it in another application.
  2. Fakebook: Create imaginary profile pages for study purposes, a great way to integrate technology and so fun and easy.
  3. Narrable: Bring your pictures to life with this easy to use site. Have your students record their voice to classroom pictures and embed on your teacher site!

What's On Our iPad?

  1. Postagram Postcards: Want to send your granny an actual picture but you just don't have the time to print out that digital pic and get a stamp to mail it...well now you can personalize that cell phone photo and send a postcard to granny right from your phone with this app. The postcard will arrive via regular old snail mail and is perforated so that granny can pop it out and put it right on her fridge..very cool.
  2. SMART Notebook: This is a lite version of the desktop program. We tested this out the other day and this new update is much improved with dropbox integration as well use of many of the tools that make this such a great program.
  3. Evernote: Remember everything across all your devices. Stay organized, save your ideas and improve productivity. There are endless uses for this app, we love it. See how teachers can use this for student portfolios.

What's On The Special Ed iPads????

Do you ever wonder what apps are available on the Special Ed iPads? Well wonder no longer. You can view all the apps on the Bits & Bytes website by clicking here. The table lists all apps along with a link to the iTunes page as well as a checkmark for each cart that you will find this app on. Each building in the district has an iPad cart but there are different apps on each cart. This is a large table and will take a minute or two to load so be patient!

Sometimes Technology Fails...unblock YouTube and watch Emma get revenge on her tech savvy husband!

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How To Contact Us

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