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Six Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Lessons

Educational technology certainly enhances our careers in education and makes some tasks much easier. We incorporate technology into our lessons with the hopes these digital tools will increase students' knowledge and success. In his article "These 6 questions determine if you’re technology rich, innovation poor,” veteran educator Alan November explains what you should consider when planning your lessons. Take a look at this insightful article—it is well worth your time as a professional, ever-evolving educator.

The difference between "doing projects" and LEARNING through projects

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Encourage Higher Order Thinking Skills in Your Classrooms

Worksheet just aren’t going to cut it anymore to develop our students’’ Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS). It is our responsibility as educators to help students develop HOTS, so teachers must be mindful of how to incorporate HOTS into their curriculums. Check out Tech & Learning’s compilation of the 25 Top Resources for HOTS.