on Second Grade and Computer Class

November 1, 2021

What Lives Inside the Computer?

Second graders learned about what is inside a computer by building a paper computer. As students were putting together and designing their paper computers, they learned about these parts: CPU, RAM, ROM, hard drive, GPU and operating system. Watch them talk about these parts in the video below.

What's Inside the Computer Grade 2
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Halloween Light-Up Cards

The second graders were also introduced to circuits by creating their own light-up Halloween cards. We used the free templates from Students put together a simple paper circuit using a coin cell battery, copper tapes and LEDs. Students learned that a closed circuit is needed so electricity can flow continuously to light up the LED. They were introduced to the term ‘conductor,’ which is any material that allows electricity to pass through them. The copper tapes were the conductors in these simple circuits. Take a look at their Halloween cards below.

Halloween Light Up Card

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