It's Raining Animals

Article By: RJ Suey

Raining Animals In History

Roman writer, Pliny the Elder, of frogs and fish. It may be a rare occurrence but there are reports dating back hundreds if not thousands of years. Even looking back in the past decade, there have been many eyewitness accounts of the strange Phenomena. Even though some have been proven to be false, there is evidence that animals really do fall from the sky.

Fish Frenzies

It seems, the most common species include, fish and amphibians. In the last five years alone, reports have been made in places such as Australia, the Philippines, Japan, Hungary, and India. In 2010, tiny fish fell by the hundreds in a small australian town, the same town had a similar reports in 1974, and 2004.

Other Types Of Animals

All though, like I said, fish and amphibians, seem to be the most common of raining animal, there have been others. One creature, one most would cringe at also fell from the sky, Spiders! In April of 2007, a few friends hiking in the San Bernardino Mountains, witnessed this natural occurrence. In 2011, thousands of red winged black birds pelted the streets of a city in Alabama, it is believed the birds attempted to avoid fireworks from New Years Eve celebrations and did the exact opposite. They pummeled the streets, cars, yards, and homes and caused some damage.