Really Professional Internet Person

By: Jenn McAllister

Jenn McAllister

  • Born: July 9th, 1996 in Holland, PA
  • Age: 19
  • Profession: YouTuber, Actress, Blogger

Really Professional Internet Person

Really Professional Internet Person is a story about a famous YouTuber named Jenn McAllister and her way to stardom. She was always into film from a very young age and progressed from there. When she hit high school, YouTube was like a job for her. For example, she traveled a lot to Los Angeles to collaborate with other YouTuber stars and for other shows she was doing. Along with that, she went to Vidcon. Vidcon is a place where YouTuber's from all over the country come together in and meet all their fans. She faced many challenges throughout the book and at this young age too. Although she learned to overcome them along with all her fears.

Tough Critics

From going to Vidcon twice, having two collaboration channels, and having two channels of her own, it seemed like nothing could stop her. But, The minute it got out that she was this big YouTuber, people started harassing her for it. Weather it was at school or online, there was always something negative being thrown her way. Although, there were rude and disrespectful people out there making fun of her, she pushed through it like a real fighter. Eventually, all the kids at her school gave up on trying to bring her down and actually enjoyed her videos.

Her Story

Throughout this entire book Jenn over comes many challenges that no one should ever face, but sadly many of us do. She wants everyone, who is ever facing any difficult challenge, to know that they should never give up. Jenn started out as this shy little girl being bullied for what she loves to do. Now, Jenn is a confidante young women who is very successful in what she does. The reason Jenn is so big today is because she didn't let anyone or anything get in her way of making her dream come true, and you shouldn't either.