Johns' Bucket list


Sky Diving at Blue Sky Ranch

I would love to sky dive one day. The place where I would go would be Blue Sky Ranch, New York, for its great service and friendly staff. I would go with my three cousins and my sister.The big open landing area was probably made due to physical weathering. I believe the erosion agent was either water or wind.
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Snorkeling in Hawaii

My next bucket list item is to go snorkeling. I would go in Hanauma Bay on the island of Oahu on Hawaii. I would have to go with my family because we would all go to Hawaii together. The bay was made due to physical weathering. The most likely agent of erosion would be water.
Snorkeling Hanauma Bay: GoPro White Edition

White Water Rafting... in Bali?

My next thrill seeking activity takes me to the island of Bali, Indonesia, for white water rafting. With its beautiful waterfalls and rain forest biome, this is a perfect place for some dangerous boating. I believe the site was created by physical weathering. Most definitely the erosion agent is water.
Bali Adventure Rafting
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Cave Exploration in Chile

I would love to go to Chile because the Marble Caves there are amazing. It is located close to the southern tip of South America. With the caves amazing looking structures it will be a memory I won't forget. The stalagmites and stalactites are most likely due to the physical weathering of the waves. The erosion agent would be water.

Punkva Cave in the Czech Republic

The Punkva Cave, which the Punkva River flows through, is a site I would like to see. The Czech Republic is the birthplace of my grandmother, so I would like to see the place where my family was from. Also the Punkva Cave has some amazing structures within its walls. The formations were formed by physical weathering and the erosion agent is water from the Punkva River.
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