January News

Mrs. Chua

Reading/ Math Curriculum

Within the next two weeks, we will finish reading unit 4 and take the comprehension test. Unit 5 books will be centered around the theme 'Let's Celebrate'. Students will read and discuss special events at home, such as losing a tooth, all the way to national holidays, like the Fourth of July. Word cards for this unit are red. We are beginning to work with word families ( pat, mat, cat, sat.....). Please reinforce any word families that you see coming home on work.
We have about 8-9 more lessons in math relating to teen numbers and partners that make up a number (6=4+2, 5=3+2). You've probably noticed basic facts on many workbook pages. While students are not expected to memorize addition and subtraction facts, five or less, many will begin to remember them as we continually practice.

Unit 4 Leveled Reading Books

Follow this link to find unit 4 books that the students read in small group. Students are welcome to read any of the books. There is an option for books to be read to students.

Important Dates to Remember

Jan. 11 Early Release (12:15)
Jan. 20 No School (Elementary and Middle School)

Science/Social Studies Themes





Recess Needs

All students should have appropriate outdoor clothing for recess. This includes snow pants, snow boots, hats and gloves or mittens. An extra pair of gloves/mittens for noon recess is helpful. Make sure to label everything!