Cougar Chronicles for Adults

October 12-16; v3, i6

What's Going on Around the Crest- So you can make future plans...

  • Don't forget your morning duties starting at 6:50. See email from Ms. Caldwell. This is actually only 5 times (5 days) of the school year.
  • Be thinking of Awards Day for the first nine weeks. We'll be sending out information about this soon.
  • Something Worth Thinking About: If you put a student's failing scores in as "60," that is no longer failing. You will need to drop it to something like a 55 because we don't do ZEROS.
  • Be sure to enter your grades each Friday. Guided Reading Progress notes should also be entered every two weeks (when the guided reading teachers send progress notes)
  • A lot is happening this week. Plannings with Sarah Temple for Tier I, training for IQ testing for grade 3, MSV training for grade 3, faculty meeting on Thursday, etc. Don't forget to check the calendar and your emails daily.
  • Terrific Kids for Grades K-2 this Friday- See Bethany's email.
  • There will be new lunch schedule for Symphony day 4th grade lunches (Thursday, October 15). See email from Ms. Caldwell:

Below is the lunch schedule:

10:15 Epley

10:18 Crawley

10:20 Prevette

  • Have to have 100% parent face-to-face conferences completed. Can begin conferences in October and must be completed by Thanksgiving week, Nov. 24! PK-Grade5 100% face-to-face parent conferences. Look for paperwork for any student in grades k-3 for ANY student not on grade level to be signed and 1 copy kept here at the school. (Paperwork for any/all who have Tier2 must also be completed during this time if not already.)

  • Nov. 3: Optional 1/2 work day 8:00-11:00 (can take 1/2 vacation day)

  • Nov. 2: Early Dismissal time of 11:30 for the students; ALL staff is expected to 7:30am-7:30pm

  • October 27- Talent Show/PTO meeting; expectation is that all teachers attend (including TAs) if at all possible; let administration know if you cannot attend

  • October 26- Night with the Author: Look for invitation/form to sign up and come to dine with her at our school. We have to know how many to prepare dinner for on this evening. Please reply to the form questionnaire if you haven't already.

  • Tuesday Oct. 27: Grade 4 students who didn't pass Read To Achieve HAVE TO TAKE The Read to Achieve Test

  • October 20-22: Grade 3 Cogat IQ test

  • Oct. 20- School Exhibition/Information night: Expectation is that all teachers are here for this; can have classroom open so that community/parents/board members can walk through and see all the SCHOOL IS COOL information being learned and created here

Take the PD Challenge that Kristin Edwards introduced to us in common planning times

The BCPS Technology Department is offering Personalized Professional Development this year! Check out our intro video and the

PDChallenge Web Page for more information! Kristin will be providing follow-up at the October 1st and October 8th staff meetings.

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