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February 10, 2017


Here are a few reminders regarding conferences:
  • Ensure you are sending Reading Deficiency Letters home with parents when appropriate (keep a copy for your records and note it on the conference form)
  • Be specific on your Conference Summary form regarding student performance
  • Submit your completed conference log/sign-in sheet to Rachel Moree for Title I
  • Check out the link below for Tips for Successful Parent-Teacher Conferences: https://www.edutopia.org/blog/parent-teacher-conference-tips-elena-aguilar

We are expecting every teacher to give the parent report from iReady for ELA and Math as well. This is a fantastic way to show each kiddos growth!!

iReady Support

This Monday, during planning, we will have a representative from iReady at VBE. We have asked them to help show how to pull resources from iReady for remediation.

Here is what some grade levels have decided to do:
They have designated one day a week to do a "flashback" day to run small group interventions based on student data for specific standards.

Just an idea of how to integrate this so you aren't trying to force fit it into a unit. If is doesn't fit and it's needed, isolate a day each week to hone in on what this kids need with the resources we DO have.

Pow Wow Picnic!!!

Please please please- come out and participate and support our picnic to honor the kiddos who are making gains in ELA and Math!

This will take place during lunch on Wed, Feb 15th.

We will have music and fun.

Please tell the kiddos that are invited to bring a towel or blanket.

Next Week at a Glance

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Slime your ADMIN

In an effort to support PBiS and to help get a lot of our gold wampums out of circulation, we will begin our Slime an admin raffle.
Students can give their golden wampum for a raffle ticket in the courtyard in the morning. This will give them a chance to slime an admin at our "Follow the STREAM" night on Feb 22,

Please talk this up!

Messages from Ms. Van Brimmer

Tracking Student Data in the ELA Classroom

There are several ways to track student data during your ELA block. I LOVED Ms. Nickelsen's Cruisin Clipboard and here are a few examples of how you might use that based on our ELA standards. You already have these copies in your binders that we received. They are located in the "Instructional Cha Chas" tab. I completed one for my 5th grade RTI group, so you can see how I was structuring my learning target and tracking who "got it" based on my exit ticket. If you would like help setting this up in your classroom, please let me know and I'd be happy to help you find a system that works for you!

Learning Targets

We are so fortunate to have our district provided learning scales to help us develop our learning targets. However, the Delaware resources that Leann shared during our PD are a wonderful resource to look at pre-requisite skills and how skills/standards develop in subsequent years. Feel free to use this as a resource -- but make sure you are consulting your SDIRC Learning Scales and Item Specs to help you develop meaningful learning targets that lead students to mastery of our ELA standards. http://www.doe.k12.de.us/Page/2425

Messages from Ms. Keeley and Ms. Ragley

Ragley and Keeley Math Learning Targets

Here are some examples of daily learning targets for mathematics and science.

Primary examples

I can subtract a one digit number from a two digit number with regrouping and with the use of cubes.

I can draw pictures to show addition.

Intermediate examples

I can recognize a line of symmetry by folding along the line into matching parts.


I can demonstrate that mixtures of solids can be separated by their size.

Data Tracking

Research shows that when students track their own learning and data, they take ownership of their learning, have intrinsic motivation, and perform better on high-stakes tests. There are many resources available in the instructional cha-cha section that show how you can easily have students self assess and track their learning as well as teacher trackers.

Teacher tracking allows you to see which standards you can move on from and which standards you need to reteach.

An example below shows a third grade math RTi group. This group was moving on to a new standard which is a two part standard - MAFS.3.MD.1.1 Tell and write time to the nearest minute AND measure time intervals in minutes. From the pre-test data I can see that I only need to pull two students to work on tell time to the minute, but move on to the next part of the standard with the rest of the group. This saves valuable time.

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#VBEVIP is Ms. Sitkowski! Enjoy your parking spot!


Your UNIT WON! Please get with Ms. Yvette with your sizes and what you would like written on your POLO Shirts!!!!

Their Unit will be on display in the Admin Conference "WAR" room if anyone would like to stop by and check it out!


Congrats to ROBYN HENSON!!!
We randomly selected from everyone who contributed to the first week of the VOXER BOOK STUDY- "Never Work Harder Than Your Students."

Please email us a day (give a weeks notice) where you would like Ms. Emerson or Ms. Moree to cover your class during recess.


I wonder who will be the winner from Chapter One?? Please try to contribute to our Voxer over the weekend. Starting Monday we will begin discussing Chapter 2.