Hello, My Name Is Alec

"This ain't my first rodeo son!" - Dr. Phil

A little about me

My name is Alec Broomfield and this ain't my first rodeo son. I like watching movies and TV, but also playing outside when it's not too hot. I am very trustworthy and good at video games. I think happiness is imporant beause if you're not happy that leads to depression and that leads to suicide, nope don't want that. I have a good self-esteem, I'm never depressed or any of that bad stuff. I like to learn by examples done by someone not a computer. That's a little about me. My role model is like Dr. Phil and Oprah combined.

My Career as a...

My dream job is either a software devopler or a CEO for a business. For this I chose software devopler. Here is a job summary:

- You're in front of a computer making programs for all sorts of things

- Salary is around $90,504 yearly

- You need at least a bachelor's degree

- 30% is the job outlook

- Science, technolgy, engineering, and mathematics

- 40 hours a week, and about 8 hours a day

- Well you're in front of a computer of course


How Do I Get There