The 13 Colonies

New England, Middle, Southern

New England

New England is one of the 13 colonies in the U,S,A. It has land-forms too. Some of his land forms are Harbors, Atlantic, Coastal Lowlands, and Uplands. some people say, it is good to live in New England because there is natural resources you can you their. Like, fish, water, iron, fur, indigo, and timber. In New England some people jobs are hard. Like, land, resource, farming, fishing, and shipbuilders. But, farming is challenging because their weather is cold and sometimes warm but, when it comes to farming in the winter it's a blast. After, they was grew their crops they trade for some they need or want. Like, wheat, fish, timber, furs, rice, rye, beans, potatoes, and corns.


Middle is also one of 13 colonies in the U,S,A. They are some land forms in Middle colonies. Like, some flat land, mountains,Germans, and Scottish too. Growing plant and crops is alto easier in Middle colonies then New England. In Middle they grew and traded wheat, indies, flour, fish, timber, flash, corn, boards, and butter. For some people it was there jobs to farm, sell wheat or traded or even grew , training center, shipbuilders, timber ( cutting trees), and also fishing. Fish is one of the natural resources they find. There is more like, irons, rich soil, tree, and rivers. Middle colonies has a perfect for growing foods. The Middle colonies was called The Break Basket because of the crops and plants they grew.


The Southern is in the east and south part of U,S,A. It's weathers is warm are hot, good for rich soil. There is lots of natural resource like, river, lumber grains, soil, harbors, plains, and many other natural resources are used. Many had jobs. Like, farmers, shoe makers, and training center too. They made good food and had great jobs but they did'n have all the money to get whatever they went they had to trade like, rich soil, indigo, tobacco, cotton, and, sugar and make the thing they need. But they did have slavers to do there jobs at home.

Jamestown and Puritans

Jamestown came in 1607 in Virginia. The reason they came is for religion, and freedom. What happened was they started to spurt out.

The Puritans came to Massachusetts boy colony. They came because of religion persecution, and also freedom. What happened to the Puritans was they didn't respired the Native people separated out.