September 11, 2015

Green Day!

It wasn't that long ago that this group was working on colors in kindergarten! Now it's their turn to support the new kindergarteners! Next weeks color is RED!

Butterfly Life-Cycle

We completed our butterfly study with a project representing it's life cycle! The children will be excited to see some butterflies have come out of their chrysalis's over this weekend! We will let them go together on Monday!

At Home!!

*Read with and to your child every night.

*Practice counting backwards from 15.

*Play "Flash" with your child- Flash them some fingers, have your child tell you how many he/she saw. Play "Show Me" with your child- Tell them to show you (Insert Number) fingers as fast as they can.

*Begin talking about the town of Crozet! We will start studying our community of Crozet this week!

Kid's Quote of the Week!

"I think I see magic happening in that chrysalis!"

School News

*Monday, September 14- Grandparents Lunch Day! Join us at 11:45 for lunch!

*Tuesday, September 15- National Dot Day- Wear Polka Dots!

*Thursday, September 17- Constitution/Citizenship Day

*Friday, September 18- Red Day!

*Book Fair- Sept. 21-25 (Pizza Night on Thursday Sept. 24)

*Mrs. Anhold could use several parent/grandparent volunteers to help shelve books and maintain the book room in the library. Please let me know if you are willing and able!

*Please have your child return their library books every Friday!