Introduce Yourself Assignment

Christian Padron

Where Am I from?

I am from Cape Coral Florida, just a south of Port Charlotte Florida. Cape Coral is a small city with a rising population. Its neighboring City is Fort Myers Florida, therefore giving those who live in Cape Coral Access to the Fort Myers Beach. Cape Coral really isn't that great, we like to call it Cape Coma due to its lack of activities for people under the age of 21.

What is My Major?

My Major is Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. I hope to use this degree in the future by opening up my own business, however before I do so I wish to gain experience by internships and jobs with several companies such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, or Nasa.

Why did I choose to join EXCEL?

I believed that Excel would be a great foundation to my education in pursuit of becoming a Mechanical and Aerospace Engineer. Now that I am in Excel I now realize the opportunity I was given, chances that not too many people receive. I am blessed to be in such a program and wish to leave a legacy and hopefully play a large role in this program.

How do I think EXCEL will help me succeed in my first year of college?

Although it has only been a week, I see that Excel is a well developed program giving those who are part of the program access to many of its facilities, such as Lab hours and a community in which aim to succeed in the STEM field. Excel will help me succeed my first year because of its resources, various learning tools and strategies, and its AWESOME instructors.

One interesting Fact About Me!

Since little I have always shown an interest in sports, I have almost tried every sport; from Golf to Wrestling, I have almost done it all. However, In High School I decided to stick to four sports Cross country, Swimming, Wrestling, and Track, but out of those four sports I favored Wrestling out of them all.