The Story Of Wiscosin

By Kaylee

The Fur Trade

The fur trade started when early explores told stories about the Indians trading fur. Some how the french heard the story and headed over to Wisconsin to hunt. Then more and more tribes came to Wisconsin to hunt. Soon most of the women had to do cropping well the men were haunting. Later and later the animal population got lower and lower. Soon there wasn't enough fur or animals to haunt. then it was by law they could not hunt any more. The men finally went back to cropping again. And the women went back to cocking and cleaning.

Lead mining


How the lead mining started was when fur traders found lumps under the ground in Indians wigwams. The methods to find it were crude. They were all able to find enough to trade for good options. There was so much they didn't even need to go under ground. Then later on the government was tired of all the problems about land for lead. So they took 18 pounds of lead every year. Soon there was no more lead and so all they found was water.



Every day men were sent out to find lumber. Most of it was owned by the government. so it was hard to get. In the spring there was a big log drive. It was dangerous, but most men did it. They got the lumber mostly from the river after the ice was all melted from the winter. Later there was a big fire in Peshtigo. It burnt down all the wood. Then a few years later paper was made out of wood. lumbering was never shut down. We still even do it today.