Container Home Design

By: Hannah Lansford

The Goal

The goal of this project was to create a home made of containers that was both efficient, compact and a comfortable home for a family of four. All within a six week time period.

The Idea

The first step was to create a bubble map of what we wanted the outcome of our home to look like.
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The Outline

After an out line was created we researched green homes and sustainability and how we could incorporate that into our design. We then made a scaled sketch of our home the features we wanted it to have.

The Creation

The next step was to create a 3D model of the home's outline using Sketch-Up and translucent container sized objects to see how many containers would need to be used for the actual project.

The design

With all of this created, it was now time to begin our floor plan by using AUTO CADD.

The outcome

Once all the previous steps were completed, I began creating an official 3D model of the home.
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Big image
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The Location

The location I would choose would be in Sacramento, California. The is because the glassed in library would be perfect for over looking the mountain ranges. Also, land is expensive in California and the compact design makes in more economical.

The Reflection

Overall, I enjoyed this project because it was at your own pace and did not have a lot of rules so you could use your imagination and make it look how you want it too.

Hannah Lansford

Hannah is currently a student and is in the class Principles of Architecture and Construction for 8th period.