Writing Portfolio


My Purpose for My Portfolio

The reason for my portfolio is to show my growth throughout the whole year. plus i will get a good grade.im trying to see where i need to improve in too.

About Me


i am a sophmore in high school. i am a serious hardworking student that likes to also hae fun. i care for my friends,family and my dogs. i like to hang out with my friends and laugh with them. i love to shop and i love to get dressed up. i would love to be able to sleep in everyday but i got priorities.

Sun sentence

im like a lion cause im fierce

6 Word Memoir

Going to focus on my being.

Favorite Quote

"Even if you are on the are on the right track you will get run over if you just sit there"-will rodgers

My response: if your on the right place you shouldnt do nothing. you shouldnt never not try.

Reflection Of "and the Award Goes too.."

i honestly didnt like the assignment i feel concieded when talking about my talents and what i think of my self. My stregths in my writting is my is my grammar and my ideas. my weakness is my punctuation , im not taking risks.