Colonies and Colonial Regions



Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Virginia,

Georgia, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Maryland,

South Carolina, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New York, and Delaware.

New England


-New Hampshire

-Rhode Island


Middle Colonies


-New Jersey


-New York

Southern Colonies



-North Carolina

-South Carolina


New York City

Drop everything and come visit New York City!

It is one of the most populous urban agglomerations in the world and exerts significant impact upon commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology, education, and entertainment. If you are to visit you might get to see some sights that still have bits of historical left. You'll also get to shop around stores and visit markets and even go look at the museum. You could also eat out at restaurants with your friends or visit some awesome clubs. So get off that seat and take a ticket to New York City!

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Come visit Jamestown where all history can be seen!

Get the thrill of riding and eating on a boat with families and friends. Visit the sight of old historical backgrounds of where the first colony started. Visit gift shops where you can find yourself a souvenir. Visit the parks where historic findings of the colony can be found written on a stone or look at the statues around the area. So don't sit around come and see historic sights!

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Hello! Have you come to see Plymouth the second colony? Great there are many fascinating sights to see and not to mention the it too has historical sights that you are able to take pictures. Don't forget the boats they are really fine that you're able to relax and just enjoy the sea. And don't forget to stop as Plymouth's hotels with its fine luxury and delectable treats.
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Ah come and see Richmond a fine independent state where you can see historic sights and eat out.
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Look at Trenton and it's fine city.
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Hudson River

Come see the Hudson River that is named after Henry Hudson who was a english sailor. If you are a painter you'll want to bring your equipments and paint near the Hudson River. The Hudson River used to be named  "Rio de Montaigne" by the Dutch meaning "North River" and the source of this river is Lake Tear of the Clouds in the Adirondack Mountains.
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Lake Champlain

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Answer to Questions

1.) Established Georgia because it gave England first foothold on a contested region and it's a buffer zone to protect the other colonies from Spanish and French enroachment.2.) William's vision was to make a colony that'll allow freedom of religion due to his desire to protect himself and fellow Quaker from persecution.3.) New Amsterdam 4.) The english divided New York with the main land and the island. 5.) the english focused colonization on North and South Carolina because of the good farming and how it was near the first settlements and the trades.