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Presentation materials and video streams from each night of our first in-person engagement series are posted on our CFMP webpage: We have also added the “Current Needs” survey results overview to the webpage. The comment card questions and answers from the first series will be posted on Friday, September 27. These can be found in the “Timeline: Track our Progress” section of the CFMP website.

We continue to emphasize the importance of our work on future-ready environments and the unique opportunity we have to shape the future of our schools during the CFMP process. Finding solutions based on broad input is important to our community, and that includes continued engagement and transparency around potential boundary adjustments to meet capacity needs. As we continue our conversations during our next engagement series in October, we will gather critical input around key parameters so that our families and the broader community can start to get an understanding around how the planning process will affect them personally.

We will continue to keep you updated as the process moves forward. We’ve approached this process with a blank slate. We’re encouraged by the amount of engagement and connection to this work that the Lee’s Summit community has exhibited time and again.

Again, thank you for your connection and commitment to our students and our schools. We look forward to continuing the conversation together.

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Greetings: Please understand this expectation is for YOU

I expect to see a para or teacher from each classroom (except special programs/satelites) out in the hall greeting students at arrival. If you are reading this and thinking, we just can't, it doesn't work....your doing it wrong. You need to change your entry routine and expectations. Thanks to all of you who do this beautifully everyday!! Need to know more, read below or ask a neighbor.

How To Use Greetings in Your School Entrance

Select a location where you will stand every morning to greet the children. Send the verbal and nonverbal message, “Hello, I’m glad you’re here today!” Props like the greeting apron give children a choice about how they would like to be greeted. For example, you might put images of a butterfly, a hand, a bear and fireworks on an apron. Ask children how they would like to be greeted and then share a playful greeting together. (Make up greetings to go with the images.)

Safety Concerns

Please know that if you have a safety concern, it does not need to go to Site Based. It should be sent to myself, Jeanie and Cristi in an email and we will follow up if we have questions. If it is an issue that need immediate attention, call Cristi and follow up with an email to myself and Jeanie. Thanks for keeping our little ones safe!
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Weekly Wellbeing

Through the District's Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Empathia provides 6 free one-on-one counseling sessions per year, per area of concern, per individual. This service is available to ALL employees and their family members, regardless of whether or not you are enrolled in a district provided health insurance plan. Visit to see a list of challenges and concerns Empathia is equipped to help you address. You can visit and enter LSSD1 to sign in for confidential access to services or call 1-800-634-6433 to speak with someone 24/7/365

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Monday - here

Tuesday - here

Wednesday - Kerry Home Visit Observation AM, Jeanie out most of day at MARC for Head Start

Thursday - AM Jeanie Principal Mtg, Kerry ECSE mtg or Principal Mtg if CFMP plan is ready

Friday - here, Dr Collier visit at 11:30