Mercury MIssions

Going to Mercury...

Project Mercury

NASA sent a space craft called BepiColumbo to Mercury for a mission. The last one they sent was on March 17, 2011. It was a sucsessful mission and they used many instruments.
Project Mercury First Flight: "Space Progress" 1960-12-22 Universal Newsreel Mercury-Redstone 1A


This is the second year NASA has used space craft's just for research and not missions. They studied how long the mmissions would take before they are ready to start on the project. They found it as about 90 days or so, sometimes less, sometimes a lot more. The average was about 90.
NASA'S MESSENGER Spacecraft Begins Historic Orbit of Mercury

Instruments they used..

They used many instruments for the missions and research. Some of them were wide andgle camera's, Object telescopes, X-ray camera's and way many more.

How they got to Mercury.

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Nasa's Messenger to become first spacecraft to orbit mercury
This is the crew of people who actually went to mars WHile NASA sent it.
Space shuttles and orbits to mercury. Project Mercury.