Marriage Equality

Is it really equal tho? Like srs.

What is marriage equality and How does it impact people around them?

Marriage equality is an argument that has been going on for years. Should a man be allowed to marry a man? A woman to a woman? For me, I beilieve it should be legal, but if you think otherwise, I can respect that. Nowadays most people against it are people who are religious. Other than that most people dont have a problem with gay marriage. Traditionally marriage is described as between man and women, (Debruge, 2013). They also say that changing marriage is changing morals. Gay marriages would impact more than you may think. It effects things like housing, education, work, medicine, armed forces, adoption, religion, etc.

How would they live differently than traditional marriages?

Surprisingly, I found that gay marriages are almost identical to "normal" marriages. A main problem people have against gay marriage is the well being of the child if he they happen to adopt one. What I found was that the child would be just as well adjusted as a child raised my a mom and dad. Another problem people have is, they say marriage is for procreation, and gay marriage doesn't allow that, (. To that I say an adoption option is always available, and again, the well being of the child is just fine.

A survey conducted by the NYTimes reported that gay marriages aren't as different as you may think. It was reported that people in gay marriages tend to be happier than those of heterosexual marriages. There also seemed to be less conflict between the couple, (Slick, 2014). A man says, "We're the couple next door, we have a dog and a cat. I drive a Volvo. I'm boring." This leads me to beilieve the similarities in gay marriages far outweigh the differences.

Why are people for it? Why are people against it?

When answering this question, I found a site that answered it well.

It says the people for think it is discrimination, they deserve the the same benefits, marriage is known as a right for everybody, and gay marriages are correlated with lower divorce rates.

Though those are all good reasons people are for marriage equality, there are also good reasons people are against it. They say marriage for procreation, it is traditionally described as being between a man and woman, some religions say it is wrong, marriage is not known as a right, but a priviledge, and they say their money shouldn't be spent on something they don't believe in, ("Same Sex-Marriage").

As you can see there are good reasons both side support or oppose it, what do you support?