Hall Elementary Teacher Newsletter

September 15, 2014


Empty Chairs

Please be mindful that you should be circulating, facilitating, and monitoring your class throughout the day. Your desk chair should not be occupied often. I walk the building throughout the day and find that there is more sitting happening than necessary.

Hallway Behavior

Students should be quiet and orderly in the hallways. Upstairs classes, you are doing a wonderful job. Downstairs classes, we can do better! Please make sure that students are aware of your expectations and that you are holding them accountable. It is especially chaotic while you are visiting the restrooms just after 8:00 and as you dismiss into pods at dismissal. Please make an effort to get this behavior under control.


Please make every effort to schedule appointments after school hours. If it is necessary to be gone during the day, make sure that you complete a HR-124 and call Subfinder for your absence. Please give Robin ample notice so that she can find someone to cover your class in your absence.

Teachers Responsibilities



  • Remaining in your classroom during the instructional day
  • Monitoring and teaching all day—empty desk chairs—work with a sense of urgency
  • Supervise students at all times
  • Do not place students in the hall for behavior
  • Keep your classroom organized, neat, and uncluttered
  • Arrive prepared and on time for meetings with the necessary materials/equipment ready
  • Be on time for work, lunch, PE, data meetings, dismissal—coming and going—do not dismiss early
  • Decrease transition time: bathroom, PE, lunch, Library
  • Supervise students in restroom. If there are 7 working stalls then use 7 working stalls. Stand in the door so students are visible. Keep students moving so there are no issues.
  • Follow building procedures: students walk quietly in a single line in the hall, keep line moving with no gaps
  • Refrain from cell phone use during the instructional day
  • Be an active participant in your duty assignments—learn the names of the students you are responsible for supervising—be present
  • Work collaboratively with your peers
  • Adhere to the MCPSS Employee Responsibilities and Alabama Code of Ethics
  • Send home weekly newsletters and daily behavior charts
  • Hold and documenting frequent parent conferences—calling parents

  • Follow all RtI guidelines and procedures

  • Keep accurate and current documentation for students in RtI
  • Keep intervention folders with required documentation
  • Utilize SubFinder for absences
  • Keep student attendance up to date in I-NOW with accurate information


I have included all of the data for Hall YTD. It is not where it needs to be, and I know that you are working toward growth. Data is the truth. We can't hide from it! I told you at the beginning of the year that our challenge this year would be to find a balance between adding a little childhood fun to our days while maintaining the high level of expectations that Hall is known for. That challenge is even harder now that we know that we have many new students who are not quite where we need them to be. You MUST teach with a sense of urgency. You must not blame the students for not being where they need to be.

Our school-wide expectations:

Meet/Exceed Z/35/90 goals in AR

Meet/Exceed district EQT averages

Maintain 80% pass rate in all subjects

For ALL students to show growth on Universal Screenings

For ALL students to show growth on ACT Aspire


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Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader has been part of our daily routine for the last 10 years at Hall. You have been Model and Master classes and school year after year. I know that you know how to focus on this! Z/35/90: Engaged Time should be at 35 minutes. Your Success Index should be at or about 90%. I have included YTD data from Mrs. Mitchell's data board upstairs. As you can see, work needs to be done to refocus on AR. Mrs. Mitchell will post data weekly. Please see her if you need help with implementing AR.

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Course Failure Rates

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Remember that the 20 days after Labor Day are important for our attendance! We need to be at 95% or above daily. An average of our daily attendance in this period is used to determine ADA, which is used to determine how many teacher units we have next year. Please make sure that someone is calling each day about attendance and that you stress the importance of being at school each day in your newsletters or calls to parents.
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Mrs. Gray: Technology and Federal Programs Reminders

  • United Way "Student Campaign" will run 9/15-9/26.

  • Parents need to sign and return Parent Compacts.

Helpful Links

Good Reads - Becoming Student-Centered

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Are You Reading This???

As a reminder, I send you information in the form of this newsletter so that you will not have to meet for data or faculty meetings. I like this site because it tracks usage and minutes readers spent with the document open! Make sure that you make it part of your weekly routine to read the bulletin when you receive it. As a test, Please reply to THIS email and let me know when you have read the bulletin. There will be an egg for your reply.

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