Unknown Hero FOUND !!

After waiting so long we finally found who the hero was.....

We found a HERO !

Our hero's name is Kamara Martin, but you guys know her as Super K! She uses a disguise to anonymously help people. Kamara Martin is a seemingly ordinary freshman college girl from U of M, but she jumps in action when danger calls. She once jokingly said " I feel my Spidey Senses tingle when trouble is nearby!"

Who is she?

Many people wonder why Super K does what she does. Kamara aspired to be a hero early on. As a child she witnessed the domestic violence of her mother, at the hands of her alcoholic father. It hurt her to be powerless in this situation, and she soon developed sympathy for people who couldn't save themselves.

As a teen she realized that she could fly and possesses super human abilities like lightning speed, sharp sight, sensitive ears, and super strength! Super K uses her powers for the greater good. Super K disables and restrains bad guys before leaving them at the Police Station so their crimes can be brought to justice, Then she after walks the would be victims safely home. In the interview we had with her, she expressed her passion of crime fighting and saving lives. She believes no one should ever have to feel helpless. At the end of our interview Super K, stressed the fact that she doesn't want her alias uncovered. Super k doesn't need fame. She believes that a sense of pride in doing the right thing, is reward enough.

"All along the hero was among us but we didn't know who it was, now we do..."

Ja'naesha Glasco, Jasmine James, and Malaysia Horton

Hope you enjoyed our writing, Thanks for your time !