Ms. Estes' Kindergarten News


Upcoming Dates;

April 30th-May 4th PALS Testing

5/11 Brethren Woods Field Trip (Information will be coming)

Snack 10:00

Monday: 4/23 Leftover Day

Tuesday: 4/24 Eliel Happy Birthday

Wednesday : 4/25 Ryleigh

Thursday: 4/26 Vio

Friday: 4/27 Ana

Academic Spotlight!

Literacy: Next week we will be working with all 5 short vowel sounds. We will review high frequency words during literacy circles and work on editing sentences to include punctuation and correct letter case.

Spelling: Short Vowel Review...practice for May PALS

*please pay close attention to capital/lower case letters

A: mad Max

E: let Deb

I: nip lit

O: Tom hot

U: sun rug

Math: We will continue working with SOL K.6 but are moving our focus to subtraction. Students will work with the vocabulary; minus, subtract, take away, left, and difference. We will practice solving subtraction sentences and creating our own.

Unit: We will be working with Science SOL K.5 which teaches about water. The students will learn about the different phases of water( solid, liquid, and gas.) They will also explore that water runs down hill and experiment with the concept of sink/float. Feel free to experiment at home at bath time with different items!

Pioneer Packs!

A great big thank you for you donations and generosity!!!!!! The kids were very proud of themselves

Class Pictures

We have extra Classroom group pictures for sale. The cost is $10. Please send in cash or check made payable to Peak View.