France 14th century

The Hundred Year & Black Death

|| Overview ||

During the 14th century in France, there was a big war called The Hundred Year War. It was the House of Plantagent (England) against the House of Valois ( France). This war was for the control of the French Territory. Each coutry had allies to help fight. It was a major war in the Middle Ages. After this war, England and France remained enemies.

Also during the 14th century there was also the Black Death. In October 1347, Genoese's trading ships had dead and dying men when they returned from the black sea port of Caffa. "The sick men suffered severe pain and died quickly within five days of the first symtoms. The disease spread quickly, in six years almost all Europe was contaminated so even more people died. The disease real name is the bubonic plague but people called it the black death cause it came from the Black Sea. At the end of the epidemic, the disease end up killing 75 to 200 million peple.

Black Death

Saturday, Jan. 1st 1346 at 1am


The Black Death was discovered in 1346. It killed 75-200 million people. It was a major event in the 1400s.

|| Conection to present day ||

Right now there is a big war in Africa and the South Africa of the globe. It killed a lot of people just like the hundred year war. Multiple of houses are destroyed, people lost family members and the same thing happened in the hundred years war. The present day connection for the Black Death is Ebola. It killed numerous people and spread almost all over Africa and who knows but maybe in Europe as well! So as well as the Black Death people did not know how to treat it, but they still found a way.

|| Impact ||

The Black Death and the Hundred Year War were two major impacts in the 14th century. These impacts are important because in both of them a lot of people died. And they were fighting for there lives. These impacts influence our society for sure positively cause now France is ready for such things to happen. It is safe to say that these impacts made France even stronger.

|| 5 Facts ||

1.The hundred years war did not last 100 years but 116 years.

2.France did not won as much battles as england did, but they still won it.

3.The Black Death did not eradicate a third of europe's population.

4.The Black Death was not a disease of poverty

5.The Black Death was not a disease only of large cities and towns.

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